The Solution 

Restrictions on international travel have accelerated the trend towards a different form of assignment for people working abroad. Welcome to the world of Virtual Assignments.

At first glance these assignments, mainly conducted over the internet, are a great saving, but as we gain experience of their impact in practice, the problems have started to appear.

Without the physical interaction that we used to take for granted, working relationships, cultural understanding, engagement and productivity can easily suffer. New assignees never get to meet their co-workers, new managers never learn the subtle strengths and weaknesses of their team.

Making the virtual real ....

At Lookseecity we've been making the virtual world as real as possible for over a decade. Using the most engaging types of media and interaction we've been helping people to understand their new homes and workplaces before leaving home. Now we're combining the power of video, live streaming and on-line interaction to bring you "Virtual Onboarding".

How it works ....

We gather videos from team members showing home life - (it can be anything from families and neighbourhoods to lifestyle and travel).

We help to produce videos about the office, factory or workplace and combine them with existing video content from Lookseecity's extensive library.

We host a live Virtual Onboarding session - which involves playing in the videos and interacting live with team members - a "get to know" session with live questions and answers. We can add quizzes and surveys.  To help improve communication and prevent misunderstandings a cultural expert will be on hand to explain the different expectations and practices.

The session will be stored securely with private access for future reference and combined with our existing city guides (if available). Allowing follow up and providing a virtually real welcome for the virtual assignee and their team.  

See a Demo of a Virtual Onboarding session.

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