The VR experience

VR demo small

We've developed the Lookseecity VR app to work with Microsoft's Mixed Reality headsets, but we can easily adapt it to work with other makes from Oculus Rift/Go and HTC Vive to Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard.

We believe it works best with the higher end headsets, because they make the experience so much more effective. It does, however require an  investment in some of the latest hardware. On the other hand, the world of VR is changing so fast that new, more effective, less expensive headsets are being released every month.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality is "plug and play" - which means that it can work on Windows laptops that meet certain requirements. It means the app can be used anywhere you can take your laptop. In this photograph, we're demonstrating to Global Mobility professionals in a hotel cafe overlooking the Adriatic Sea.   

One of the main requirements for our app is audio. It makes a massive difference to the immersive experience if you are surrounded by sound as well as images. Also, you need to be able to hear from your virtual guides who will offer you advice when you need it. 

Because the hardware is changing all the time, our app has been produced with this in mind, meaning that it can be quickly updated to take advantage of the changes.