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We originally developed the Lookseecity VR app to work with Microsoft's Mixed Reality headsets, but we've moved on. Now our app has been re-encoded and significantly improved to work with the market leader, the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest has many advantages -

  • It is a "standalone" headset, which means you don't need a high end computer to make it work.
  • It is "tether less", which means you don't need to be attached to a clunky cable, giving you greater freedom of movement.
  • The Lookseecity App can be downloaded directly from the Oculus Lab (if we give you a key) and updated instantly via the cloud.
  • It is very significantly cheaper - instead of paying $1500 for a headset and computer it now costs $300.
  • It has vastly improved processing power, creating a much smoother more realistic experience.
  • There are lots of new functions in development which we will incorporate into the app, including hand/eye tracking and live VR interaction.  

A quick preview of the Lookseecity VR app



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